San Francisco : Instagram has launched a new feature that allows food to be ordered through the app that’s an effort for the local businesses to help them in online food delivery services .

This feature was first launched out US and Canada and its main purpose is to help food outlets which are struggling due to this corona virus pandemic and this feature is now been expanded to UK as a part of world wide rollout .

As per the Instagram ,a new action button will be added to a restaurant or business profiles , or a new food order sticker could be used into the stories . The one who tap on that button will be get redirected to the restaurant or business’s website from their they can order the food online .

instagram also said this initiative was designed to help the business to get sells and support during the pandemic .

“For many businesses right now, every sale helps. We’ll continue to work on features that make it easier to support the small businesses you care about,” the social media platform said in a statement.

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