Digital marketing is the new way of marketing in the current era of digitalisation , with the use of all available digital platforms or on the internet .

As in traditional marketing we use newspapers, banners, flex which is quite costlier and not as much as scalable as the digital marketing. Digital marketing helps us in promoting globally on a large platform .

This means there are end number of possibilities for businesses including video , emails ,infographics, web-site platforms and most importantly social media .

In current digital world businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers which helps in getting the better conversions and give results in the sales of that business .

That’s the time when digital marketing is important for the businesses or brands awareness , many of the businesses or brands might have websites to showcase their service/product info online .

And if not they might have a social presence on any of the social platform available today , as this is the best way to be get connected to the mass number of audience globally .

“It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online.” – Jeff Bezos

Digital marketing is the best way to connect through customers these days for the brands, customers also rely on these digital media platforms and stay updated about their favourite brand or the service they used to use in their daily routine .

Benefits Of Digital Marketing -:

Digital marketing is beneficial for all kinds of brand/businesses whether its a bigger brand/business , a startup or a small business, with the help of internet marketing those brands /businesses can promote their services and products among larger audience either globally or domestically in low cost as compared to the traditional marketing , as digital marketing is much more cost effective then traditional marketing .

There are a lot of marketing options that we can use in digital marketing like : email – marketing , content marketing , mobile marketing , advert marketing and many more this list goes all the way long .

Types Of Digital Marketing -:

1). Search Engine Optimisation

2). Search Engine Marketing

3). Social Media Marketing

4). Influencer Marketing

5). Paid Advertising

6). Mobile Marketing

7). Affiliate Marketing

8). E-commerce Marketing

9). Content Marketing

10). Podcast Marketing

There is a huge number of other options available as the type of digital marketing option that a digital marketing advisor might uses to help a brand to grow and generate more sells .