People are curious to know about Google Question Hub that has been published by google . Google has recently launched Question Hub in his event held in New Delhi , This tool is specially beneficial for content creators and bloggers which helps them in writing good content .

As a blogger a lot of time it’s difficult to find a topic for the readers , what content should we write which is helpful for our readers .this thing got a lot more easer after QHub tool . Today in this article we will discuss about this briefly ,like how Google Question Hub helps bloggers to make good content for theirs audience .

Google has made Question Hub tool for bloggers and content creators . The main reason of developing this tool is to give provide those questions which users search on google but unable to find their answers as there is no result for those questions on internet .With the help of this bloggers get the idea that what the user need so that they can write blog on it .Question Hub is a free tool which can be used by any content creator .

This tool is currently in beta version , and google may add more option in this so that it will be more beneficial for the bloggers . Google has given his early access to only few of the bloggers in the early stages in that digital creation was also one of those , so we can say that this is developed by both google and bloggers .

How Question Hub Works ? :

Question Hub tool has a very simple and accessible UI which one can access simply and can find their desired options easily . This tool provide necessary information that bloggers need . I know so many of you have might searched for a question but you can’t any result as there is no content written on that question by any blogger or content creator , that’s the reason google has launched Question Hub tool so that bloggers know exactly what users want .

Google Question Hub separates all the question which users asked and then categorise them by dividing into difference categories like : arts & entertainment , autos & vehicles, beauty & fitness, Games , Health and etc . This helps bloggers to give answers of their desired niche questions .

We can select questions either on category basis or through keywords .We can only select 5 questions at a time, and we have limit of 100 hundred question initially as we start answering or rejecting the question our limit will get updated on the basis of that .

Now lets discuss about tools of Question Hub :

1). Question

With the help of this option you can chooses question on which you want to write a blog and want to give answer of that .Adding a question is also a very easy thing you have two to choose the questions either you can select from the categories or can find with the help of keywords

After selecting the question if you know the answer you have the option mentioned in the right side of the question named “answer “in which you can link of your blog ,or if you don’t know the answer then you can simply dismiss that question .

2). Starred

With the help of this option you can add your desired questions in the star menu , once they added in star you can answer that question any time . you can find star option the side of every question .

3). History

With the help of this tool you can simply view your past searches and questions .


This tools help us in choosing the desired questions either from the different categories mentioned or with the help of the keywords . As we have the limit of 100 questions at a time , we can simply recharge the limit by answering or rejecting the questions .

5).Question Count & See Question

This Helps in managing our questions with the help of this we get to know how many questions are left and what kind of questions are they .

How to give answer of the questions in Question Hub ?

To give the answer of the questions in the Question Hub we first have to visit then we have to signup with our email and password .

  1. After login we will see a home scree with add question option .
  2. After selecting add question option we can select our desired questions .
  3. click on the side option mentioned as “answer ” in every question and submit your article link , if you don’t have answer then simply reject that question .

Benefits of using Question Hub tool :

1). Idea

This tool help internet bloggers to get an idea to write new content for the users .

2). Solving User’s Questions

This tool helps us in solving the questions searched by the user on the google.

3). Increase Ranking and Visibility of Article

This tool helps you in creasing arranging of your blog on google by providing answers of the questions . And can also helps you in increasing visibility of your blog .

4). Increase Traffic

This tools helps you in creasing traffic on your blog post .

Conclusion :

Google Question hub tool is beneficial for all type of content creators whether they are vloggers, micro niche bloggers , internet bloggers or news writing bloggers with the help of this tool they all will get new ideas to write on and can increase visibility o their blog and bring more audience on your blog .

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