Reliance industries has decided to enter into the retail segment . They has launched Jio Mart to compete in this segment with other platforms like Amazon and Grofers . The main mission of Jio Mart is to help retailers so that they can sell their products to customers easily .Jio mart is in initial stages , only started as a pilot project in some areas of Mumbai like Thane , kalyan and Navi Mumbai .Jio has planned to increase the services across pan India in the few years .Jio has a vision to connect 3 crore retailers on this platforms with 20+crore customers in the few years , and this whole project( Jio Mart ) is purely be online focused .

What is Jio Mart –

Jio Mart is an E-commerce market place which help retailers to be get connected with their customers . As like Amazon , Grofers and Bigbasket Jio Mart Willa also not going to maintain any warehouse but it will give access to local retailers and grocery stores , so that they can upload products on portal .

Jio Mart’s tagline is “Desh Ki Nayi Dukaan” . jio will take charge of further operations like payment , logistics and managing payments .

Jio has a target of rising around 50000+ grocery products on this platform, including this it will also provide benefits to the customers .

  • Free home delivery on any minimum value order .
  • No question return policy .
  • Express fast delivery .

How Jio Mart List all Categories –

In his initial stages Jio mart has decided to add a variety of products on this platform. Jio Mart will include all the major and daily use grocery products on this platform to compete with other online stores .

Key Benefits oh Jio Mart –

Now let us have a look what are the key benefits of Jio Mart.

1). you will get an option to choose from 50000+ grocery items on a single platform .

2). You will get facility of free home delivery .

3). There is no minimum value limit to shop on jio mart .

4). Including this you can save unto 3000Rs. 

5). In this you will get no question return policy facility, express fast delivery option and to choose etiem online and offline options .

Where to download Jio – Mart app for registration ? 

If you are willing to register you can do this online but if you are looking for an android or IOS application then you have to wait for that as the application is not has been published yet . Nut it will soon be available for customers .

What we have to do after downloading Jio-Mart app ?

After Downloading the app you have to register yourself on Jio Mart with your mobile number , only after that you will be able to place a order on that app .

Note – You can use mobile number of any of the company like : Airtel , Vodafone, Idea , BSNL or Jio , Jio Mart app has Avery simple user interface (UI) so that customer can use this app easily .

How to Register on Jio Mart online portal and earn benefits worth 3000Rs. ?

As Jio Mart has a simple UI so its easy to register on this platform for retailers as well as customers .

If you want to know how to register yourself for jio mart then please follow the below mentioned steps correctly .

1). First you need to visit Jio-mart .

2). Now you need to fill-up all your necessary details .

3). Make sure you fill up all details correctly as you need to verify your OTP for verification process .

4). After submitting all details and OTP your registration process gets completed .

5). Now you will get a confirmation message .

Popular Categories of Jio Mart –

  1. Foodgrains, Oil & Masala
  2. Dairy, Bakery & Eggs
  3. Health Drinks , Beverages
  4. Instant & Ready food
  5. Snacks & confectionary
  6. Mom & Baby
  7. Cleaning & Household Care
  8. Beauty & Hygiene

These are the categories which are listed for now but jio has said that we will see more categories in future .

What Was Jio , Facebook deal ?

Thats the most trending deal of the year 2020 till now , in this deal Facebook has purchased about 9.99% of shares of reliance industries’s sub company jio . The price of the shares purchased was $5.7billion . There are rumours that partnership of both of these companies will might take a further step and bring more advanced services for customers .

Including this WhatsApp pay and JioMoney will also be merged together to provide better online payment experience to the customers .

Why Facebook’s WhatsApp Business was not got successful ?

Facebook has launched an another version of WhatsApp known as WhatsApp business India couple of years ago but its not got as much as successful as the WhatsApp messenger . The main reason is because WhatsApp business is made for those potential user who want to deliver their services to their desired customers .

if Jio Mart and WhatsApp will get collaborated it will provide a single platform for online shopping which will help customers and retailers .

Does Jio Mart Competitors will need to worry about this ?

As we know that we have many E-commerce platforms available in India Like Amazon , FlipKart, Snapdeal and etc. we also knew that in this pandemic period Uber, Zomato & Swiggy also started delivering grocery online .

Its quite simple that after the collaboration of Jio Mart with WhtsApp its a quite big competition fr other online grocery stores . As WhatsApp and Jio both have potential reach f more than 750 million users as a customer .

Jio Mart Deals & Offers –

Currently you will see that on so many products on Jio Mart you will get 10-15 % discount and you will also see that on some products its upto 50% . and if you will check the features on Jio Mart app you will get many more features to see.

  1. Flash Sale
  2. Under 99 Store
  3. Deals of the Day
  4. Super Saver

Pro Coes of Reliance Jio Mart –

Jio Mart is an Offline to Online market which connects retailers , small merchants and customers on Jio Mart app.

Soon the Jio Mart app will also be available for both android and iOS users.

As currently there is no app so there is also npc promo code available to be used on this platform.

How to invest in Jio Mart Stocks ?

If you are willing to invest in Jio Mart stocks then you can invest in stocks of reliance as Jio Mart is the part of reliance.

When Will Jio Mart launch in Noida or other cities of India ?

Jio Mart will soon be launched across pan India including Noida currently its only available in some parts of Mumbai .

How to register as a grocery shop retailer on Jio Mart ?

If you want to register yourself as a retailer then you need to follow the steps mentioned above .

Is there Jio Mart Jobs Available in Bangalore ?

As Jio Mart is currently available in some areas of Mumbai , so there are no jobs available in Bangalore .

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