In the situation of current pandemic all across the world every single business is moving digitally whether its small shop or a bigger store , they all are making a step forward to make a digital presence of their business, as due to this pandemic online world is growing drastically and as per the reports it will be most highest growing sector till year 2023 .

So its the best time to make your business digital , as in this article I will help you to take the first step to make your business digital this small step will put you much more ahead from you competitors and this will definitely help you in increasing your net revenues in this hard time of pandemic .

If you want to make a website for your grocery shop, clothing store or want to make a website for the church or for a barber shop and looking for the best offer to buy a best web hosting for your business then today you are at right place as I have a very great offer for you guys and this will definitely gonna help you to scale your business digitally .

Today I have an offer on liquid web managed wordpress and managed woocommerce web  hosting, a deal which you can’t deny ,liquid web has announced a summer sale offer for digital creation reader where they offer up to 70% on their managed  wordpress and managed woocommerce website hosting .

Liquid web is the another big name in the web hosting companies , the company focuses on both qualities managed web hosting and also have technical support staff . As we all know speed is the biggest factor of ranking high in the google SERP and for that Liquid web hosting is also a good option as web hosting provider as Liquid web delivers a great speed and a fast response time with its unbelievable 5TB bandwidth capacity ,YES that’s right 5TB isn’t this insane .

Including al this we have an another exclusive offer too if you guys buy the hosting form our link , then our team will setup a basic website as per your business needs . To avail this offer follow the steps mentioned below.

I know during this pandemic a lot business got impacted around the world and due to that many business owners or the companies have to face the huge loss in their revenues and in their sales , as due to lockdown in multiple areas people are unable to visit at your physical locations whether its your shop or its a mall , this thing has impacted many of the businesses whether its a grocery shop, a fruit shop , a departmental store or a company business which deliver B2C services, this pandemic has make us to adapt the change , a change which is the future of the growing digital world , the change which we all should have to adapt in our business .

Now many of you are thinking ,whats this basically change is – well to all those the change is  to move your normal business which is stuck and not generating any profit to you ,to move it on the digital platforms like making a website for your business to reach out to more potential clients or to more buyers who need your services .

This simple step will help you to keep your business ahead from your competitors and also help you to increase your net revenue with the mass number of customer and clients . You guys were thinking ,this all thing is correct but we have a question which web hosting do we have to go for and whoo will create a website for us then to all those , I have solution , let me answer your question one by one .

If you guys are confused in choosing the best website for your website then you should have to go for the liquid web hosting as they have managed wordpress hosting for your normal business or normal purpose like making a website for a church . And including this they also have a managed WooCommerce hosting too so that those who have B2C or B2B business they all can grow their business like if we say that you have a vegetable shop and now you want to sel vegetables online and want to make an e-commerce vegetable store then  the liquid web managed woocommerce hosting is the best option for you .

Liquid web blog image used in Digital Creation Blog


Why you should have to go for liquid web managed woocommerce and managed wordpress hosting ?

As liquid web is one of the oldest names when it comes to web hosting service providers , and it also know for its exceptional  services and tremendous speed .Liquid web is one of the leading managed hosting provider in the web hosting market . Liquid provides a  powerful managed web hosting infrastructure to support your web site or your e-commerce brand

They offer superbly managed wordpress and woocommerce web hosting which are optimised for many app including wordpress, an e-commerce app like woocommerce and for the premium web hosting services too, The managed web hosting plan helps us to manage everything so we don’t need to handle all the technical stuff of optimising our website which gives us an upper helping hand in our business . As like other hosting providers liquid web also offers VPS , Cloud and dedicated hosting too , so if you are looking for that you can also choose that too .

Now if we talk about some more benefits that comes with the managed wordpress and managed woocommerce web hosting , is that you will get a custom control panel for your websites .and if we talk about  other plans you will either get a cpanel or Plesk . No matter which plan you are going to choose as per your business needs all the liquid web hosting plan re highly reliable and flexible , so you are free to run your sites the way you want without any foundation.

Scalability offered by Liquid Web :

Liquid web comes with a scalability option that flexes automatically when we need it . It automatically increases users concurrency without any worry , so we need to worry about any page view or traffic limit , it will automatically scales it up when we get more page views and a huge traffic on our site , this feature of liquid web helps you keeping yourself worry free each and every time your business grows up .

Security offered by liquid web :

Liquid web offer a very secured managed WordPress and managed woo commerce hosting for their users . Liquid web proactively protects your sites confidential data like your users login credentials their card and payment details from attacks, bots and from any of the malware with the help of daily monitoring and a customisable firewall which helps you in making your website more secure as compared to your competitors website .

This extra layer of security helps us in keeping our data extra safe from any kind of miscellaneous activity on our website , this same things comes with other services too of the liquid web/ nexcess web hosting whether we go for any cloud hosting or for any kind of vps hosting .

Performance and Speed offered by liquid web hosting :

Liquid web comes with the speed that wows your customers and user who visit your site for your services or for any kind of product , it optimizes site performance and speed up the load times with their innovative technology called as proprietary cloud accelerator .

Liquid web offers speed test and uptime guarantee to its web hosting users as liquid web is a managed, VPS and dedicated hosting company ,so it comes with up to 100% of uptime which helps liquid web hosting in managing the  higher server loads on the website when it comes to higher traffic at one time on the website .

Response time of Liquid web Servers:

When it comes to response time it vary from content to content , when it comes to liquid web response time then it delivers some good response rates as compared by us in many of the test .

Liquid web customer support :

When it comes to customer support then liquid web is the one who provides superior customer support to their users . They have multiple option to reach out to them like  one can either call them , or email them or can also use the live chat option which is available in the liquid wen site .

The respond time depends on the mode through which we contact them if we reach out to time through call or through chat they will respond us in a fraction of minutes and f we reach out to them by the email mode then they  will respond back in the time period of 30 minutes ,isn’t is fast .

You can also use their knowledge base or FAQ section to find out the solution of your query .

Additional features offered by Liquid Web :

Automatic core wordpress updates :

Liquid web helps us in keeping us worry free for the new releases of any kind of plugins or any kind of core upgrades offered by wordpress as it automatically updates to the latest version without any worry which is an another benefit offered by the liquid web to its users in its managed wordpress or managed woocommerce hosting .

Email Hosting for your liquid web account :

Every liquid web account comes with your won control panel to create a different  account for each of your domain that are listed on the liquid web’s hosting , this help us in keeping a track on each of our mail box so that we can reply to our important mails without searching in the multiple account or in the spam mails .

One Click Staging :

Liquid web comes with this interesting feature which helps us in testing how our site will work , how the user will be able to interact with it without even making it live , with only just one click f this feature you get a staging copy of production to be able to any kind of testing you wanted to perform on your site .

Daily backups :

Liquid web hosting is equipped with a daily backup option in which they will take a daily backup of your site and store it for 30 days . If  you want to restore or download them its just a click of a button , its a very beneficial thing as if we want to bring back some of our old design or UI/UX then with  the help of this daily backup option we can do this very easily .

Free SSL certificate :

As like other web hosting provider liquid web also comes with a free SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt , you can configure it to your site without any additional cost without any hassle . This SSL certificate helps us in better ranking with the help of https tag and also helps in encrypting our website’s data from the malware attacks .

Now if you guys were thinking that all the benefits are good but how to get liquid web hosting for your business with an exclusive discount only for digital creation readers then here’s a solution

How to avail the exclusive summer sale benefits :

If you guys want to avail the special super exclusive offer to have a liquid web hosting for you brand or for your business then you can click any of the link below to avail the summer sale offer . Well if you are a normal business owner or you have a small e-commerce store then you can go for the Spark/Starter of managed woocommerce/ wordpress liquid web hosting and if you have a bigger business or a large e-commerce store like a whole departmental store then you can go for the maker/creator plan .

Follow these steps to avail this offer :

Step 1 – : click on the exclusive link from which you will get  up to 70%  off on the liquid web hosting plans . After clicking on the link you will be get redirected towards the offer page which look like this .


Step 2 -: click on the signup button as per your desired plan whether you want to go for the managed wordpress or for the managed woo commerce plan form the Spark or creator plan as per your business requirements .

Liquid Web Summer sale discount plans used in blog written by digital Creation

Step 3. – :  If you are a new user then you need to create a profile one liquid web by filling ot some basic details as mentioned below . After filling out all the details make sure you click all the check boxes . Or if you have an account  on liquid web you can simply log back in to that account .

image for contact details for liquid web hosting blog written by Digital Creation

Step 4 – : Now fill up your domain details if you have purchased a domain earlier or you can just register a new domain with liquid web with an additional cost .

>> After filling the domain name now its time to elect the data center location as per desired need from the given options .

>> After choosing data center ist time to set a nickname for our plan , so that we can just find it out easily among our different plans .

Domain details page at Liquid Web Used in Digital Creation Blog

Step 5 – : Now fill up your billing contact details like your phone number , address and county, and do check all the details clearly  before proceeding for the payment option , after clicking all the details click next .

Billing image used by digital creation for liquid web

Step 6 -: At last ad your payment like credit card details to complete the purchase and make sure the coupon code is applied before paying the payment .

>> After checking all the details and stuff its now time to click that green purchase button .

payment image used by Digital creation for liquid web blog


CONGRATULATIONS you have made a first step in setting your business digital now as per I promised that if you will purchase the hosting form our link then my team will help you in setting up a basic website for your business for free without any further cost .

You just have to share the purchase screenshot on our Contact details my team will verify it and reach out to you for the details of your website .

Final Recap of Liquid Web Review :

Liquid web is the another big name in the web hosting companies , the company focuses on both qualities managed web hosting and also have technical support staff . As we all know speed is the biggest factor of ranking high in the google SERP and for that Liquid web hosting is also a good option as web hosting provider as Liquid web delivers a great speed and a fast response time with its unbelievable 5TB bandwidth capacity ,YES that’s right 5TB isn’t this insane , Liquid web hosting also provides different options too like dedicated servers , cloud vps service , managed woocommerce  hosting , managed WordPress hosting and other custom hosting solutions , so we can say it has all the options one needed either for its e-commerce website or for a gym website .

about managed WordPress web hosting then its mainly designed for WordPress with great speed and with a high performance of the website , it also has a good uptime and  have all the security features one need ed for its website

In case liquid web gets fail in providing that 100% uptime speed for your website then they will pay the 10X amount for the time period till when you will receive that down time .

If you guys looking  for the managed WordPress and managed woocommerce hosting then liquid web is the best option to go for your business if you want to make a website for your business of for your company . Looking for a web site for your gym or an website for charity purpose then the liquid web hosting is the best option to go for .

As liquid web comes with no page view or any kind of traffic limit

>> It comes with automatic core updates.

>> It gives full access to both database as well as servers .

>> It helps us in staging our site .

>> It has an upper hand in the security as compared to the other websites .

Regular price without our offer $19/month but with our exclusive link you will get it for only $9 a month + bonus a free basic website as per your business for free .

Do let us know what’s your best past in this article and make sure to subscribe our email list to get regular updates .